The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 50

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April’s Lisk Elite Report

Yesterday, the Lisk Elite Group released their monthly Report about the work and promotion Elite did to expand the Lisk ecosystem.

In April, Elite was involved in a lot of community activities. The Elite Center Xiamen helped future Lisk’s sidechain project “Goose Q” get in touch with Lisk HQ and setup a cooperative relationship.

The Center also started planning “Elite Center Blockchain Date” which will be an event hosted together with the Xiamen University to promote Lisk and Blockchain technology.

Elite also managed to get a number of Chinese Blockchain media and companies to visit LiskHQ in Berlin and interview community manager Mat Piaggi.

In April the Elite Center Tokyo held a video conference with LiskHQ about their future business direction and focus. The Center also hosted its second event since opening and attracted more than 30 attendees.

In the Report Elite also announces that the Elite Center Shenyang is working on buying office supplies and started recruiting staff to build a professional team. 

Last but not least the Elite group has also been working on setting up websites for all the different incubators.

As we can see the Elite Group is working hard on promoting Lisk and setting up for the future in which they will use the Centers for Lisk side chain project developement!

LiskHQ Attends Consensus 2019

This week LiskHQ attended Consensus, an annual gathering of the cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology world.

Lisk’s co-founder and ceo Max Kordek flew down to New York City together with Tech evangelist Rachel Black. The first day they met with former advisors, friends, politicians, lawyers, former and current contractors, developers and fellow true Blockchainers.

During the second day they gave a keynote presentation at the Consensus Construct conference. Here Max spoke about the recent updates and achievements of the Lisk Foundation. And Rachell Black gave the attendees a sneak peek of Lisk’s upcoming Alpha SDK (Software Development Kit).

What stood out this year according to Max was that last year every second person he spoke with was an investor. This year at he did’t meet a single investor and instead everyone was busy with promoting and working on cool Blockchain stuff.

For more on Lisk’s trip to Consensus you can read Rachel’s Reddit update or the blogpost by Lisk Magazine!

The Lisk Center Utrecht

The Lisk Center Utrecht has since its opening been the home to many Blockain meetups, brainstorm sessions and place for people to come and talk about crypto.

And this week, the Lisk Center Utrecht announced two more Blockchain events. The first one is taking place on Tuesday, May 21 and will be a work and brainstorming event on creating a Blockchain Matching Tool.

The second is a VodafoneZiggo Blockchain student gathering which will take place on Wednesday, June 19. Back in April Vodafone Ziggo also hosted an event at the Lisk Center Utrecht during which they presented a Blockchain application made by Xurux and Blockchain030.

But this is not all as this Wednesday, Dutch Lisk ambassador Meyade gave a two-day workshop to students of different universities about the basics of the Blockchain, Bitcoin and Lisk in the Lisk Center Utrecht.

The team also announced that the Lisk Center Utrecht will be part of the first Dutch Blockchain Week which will be held in more than 7 cities across the Netherlands from the 2nd till the 7th of June 2019.

All in all a lot of stuff is happening in and around the Lisk Center Utrecht and I’m sure it will be one of the hotspots for future Lisk side chains developement projects!

A New Delegate Payout Tool

This week, community member Lemii released a new Lisk Delegate Payouts tool on his website.

The tool shows you the sharing percentage of each delegate and allows you to enter the amount of LSK tokens you are holding. It then calculates the amount of LSK you will gain from voting the top 101 delegates.

These results are shown in estimated daily, weekly, monthly and yearly voting reward payouts for each delegate. At the bottom of the page you can also find the total amount of LSK you get from voting all the 101 delegates.

The displayed sums are however purely based on individual vote weight and sharing percentages. Due to the group rules and bonuses the actual payouts may turn out to be higher than shown on the tool.

On behalf of LiskUSA I would like to thank Lemii for this tool and hopefully we will see many more in the future!