The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 51

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Lisk Is Improving Its tx Processing Efficiency

So far LiskHQ has not put a lot of effort into increasing transaction throughput but with the recent milestone `improve tx processing efficiency` this changed.

With this milestone LiskHQ wanted to raise the daily transaction limit to 1 million transactions a day and this was theoretically achieved. In the next phase LiskHQ will integrate their modularized and more robust P2P layer into Lisk Core which will bring further network stability and scalability to Lisk.

After this Lisk Core is ready to increase the actual tx throughput to the promised 1 million tx/day. This will be done by changing to byte based Block sizes. Each Block will be 15KB of size allowing the Lisk Blockchain to grow a maximum of 47.3GB a year.

It’s good to see LiskHQ making steps towards scaling up the network and they likely have much more in store for the future!

Lisk Celebrates Its 3 Year Anniversary

Last Friday, marked the 3rd anniversary of the Lisk Mainnet going live and since then a lot has happened and changed.

Ever since the main net went live Lisk reached a Block height 9.2 million and had over 2.5 million transactions being made. All of the Lisk current and old delegates forged a total 32.5 million LSK tokens and the network saw over 200 releases by LiskHQ. Lisk also has over 600 running nodes, 1700 registered delegates and over 16.000 people actively voting.

On behalf of LiskUSA, I would like to congratulate LiskHQ and the Lisk community on this milestone and hopefully many more to follow in the future!

Congratulations To Delegate TonyT908

On behalf of LiskUSA, I would like to congratulate delegate TonyT908 of on forging his first Blocks on the Lisk main chain.

For those who don’t know Tony is a developer who has created some of the most used community tools such as : Lisk Pending, Lisk Total Payouts, Lisk Chainalysis and many more. For more information on the Lisk tools Tony created you can visit or his GitHub repository.

We know how hard you worked for this and its well deserved! We know we will see many great tools and projects from you in the future.

LiskHQ Recaps Consensus 2019

Last Friday, LiskHQ released a blog post on their visit to the New York Blockchain Week 2019.

For the 3rd year in a row LiskHQ attended the New York Blockchain week. This time Lisk was represented by team members : Max Kordek (President & CEO), Rachel Black (Tech Evangelist) and Jan Aalrust (Business Development).

One of the most important changes with earlier years is the change from hype and investors to building, developing and growing. The crowd also changed as it was a lot smaller and consisted of mostly Blockchain developers and entrepreneurs.

What also was good to see was the changing focus to user and developer experience something which Lisk has made their number one priority from day one. Something else that’s changed is that Enterprise Blockchains and becoming a bit more popular. However public Blockchains remain number one as open-source Blockchain is the best way to ensure transparency and security.

Last but not least the topic of Staking has become a hot topic with the rise of Proof of Stake (PoS) and Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS).

All in all the change from hype to developing and focussing on developer experience really shows the Blockchain industry is maturing and moving towards real world adoption!

LiskHQ’s Presentation At Construct 2019

On Thursday the 23rd, LiskHQ published a video of the keynote presentation they held during the Consensus 2019, Construct event.

The presentation starts of with Lisk’s ceo and co-founder Max Kordek who explains what Lisk is and speaks about the recent updates and achievements of the Lisk Foundation. He is followed up by Lisk’s Tech Evangelist Rachel Black who for the first time gives a sneak peak into LiskHQ’s Alpha SDK (Software Development Kit).

In the SDK part of the video you get a walk through where you can learn about the tech stack, installation dependencies, how to create your custom Blockchain, how to configure your Blockchain and finally how to create a custom transaction.

So make sure to check out this video to get a sneak peak and learn more about the upcoming Lisk SDK Alpha!

LiskMagazine Interviews Delegate Joo5ty

Last week, the website LiskMagazine released an exclusive interview with the co-founder of the Lisk Center Utrecht, delegate Joo5ty.

In the interview you can read all about how the idea for Lisk Utrecht Center came about and how it was realised. Delegate Joo5ty also talks about how many people come to work at the Center, how they want to promote the real adoption of the Blockchain worldwide and how the Lisk Center helps Blockchain projects to accelerate.

So if you are interested in learning more about the Lisk Utrecht Center then make sure to read this interview!