The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 52

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The Lisk Monthly Recap

Yesterday, Marketing Lead Lindsay Buescher released a bullet-pointed overview of Lisk’s progress for the month of May.

In the recap you can read about the recent SDK & network development updates, Lisk Research, wallet updates and Lisk Builders which is a new section with community development updates.

It also features the community tool of the month, general community updates such as hosted meetups, interviews and much more. Last but not least the recap has important Lisk Foundation and marketing updates.

So if you didn’t have the time to keep up with all that’s been happening in May then make sure to check out this post!

The Lisk Development Update

Last Thursday, LiskHQ released their monthly development update where you can read all about the progress Lisk made on their various products.

This time the blog features the Lisk SDK, Lisk Builders, UI and much more. The blog starts of with the SDK (Software Development Kit) which finished most of the QA (Quality Assurance) testing for both for Lisk Core 2.0.0 and Lisk SDK 2.0.0. As some of you already know the SDK will be deployed in 3 releases (2.0.0, 2.1.0, and 2.2.0) with 2.1.0 allowing custom transactions.

The blog post also features a new segment called Lisk Builders which highlights some of the community members who build some very useful tools.

Last but not least in the UI part of the development update LiskHQ announced that they will stop with bi-weekly releases for UI products in order to focus on bigger user-facing features such as BTC support, or Trezor T integration. It also has updates for the Lisk Hub and Lisk Mobile which had some new features added.

For some more in dept information on these updates make sure to read LiskHQ´s blog post!

The New Lisk SDK Gitter

This week, LiskHQ opened up a new Gitter chat which focusses on the Lisk SDK and development discussions.

In this chat community members and LightCurve developers can come together to share their idea’s, hold technical discussions and chat about LIP’s and development issues. Since the new chat went live it already filled with some important chats. LightCurve developer Jon Gros-Dubois discussed and answerd some of the questions the community had.

So if you are interested in a more technical discussion about Lisk and its development then make sure to join the new Lisk Gitter chat!

LiskHQ Attends WeAreDevelopers

This week, LiskHQ attended the WeAreDevelopers congress which took place Thursday and Friday in Lisk’s hometown Berlin.

WeAreDevelopers attracts some of the biggest tech pioneers who exchange knowledge with the over 10.000 attending developers. During the 2 day event there were tech sessions, workshops and over 200 different speakers giving keynote presentations.

Lisk was represented by its ceo and co-founder Max Kordek and developer Maciej Baj. Max took part in a panel discussion which featured some interesting Blockchain topics such as private/public Blockchains and what’s next.

Maciej gave an presentation and short demonstration of the upcoming SDK Alpha tool set in front of hundreds of developers and future builders.

LiskHQ’s already contacted the conference about the recorded video’s so you can expect to see those posted soon!

A New Lisk Project : ScanBlocks

Last Tuesday, delegate Lemii released his latest project called : to the Lisk and crypto community.

ScanBlocks lets you calculate mining/staking and Block rewards with real-time fiat value at the time of the Block generation. The tool currently supports 5 different cryptocurrencies and 10 of the biggest world fiat currencies with more to follow soon.

ScanBlocks works by entering the address you want to scan after which it will take just a couple of seconds to receive all the info, overviews and logs of a chosen timeframe. This can be especially useful when you need to fill in your taxes and need to know the value at the time of a transaction.

You can now try ScanBlocks free of charge or sign-up and receive overview reports and logs. ScanBlocks also offers a paid service which comes with a lot of useful extra’s such as charts, yearly reports and much more.

So if you want to check your passive Lisk income with real-time fiat value then make sure to check out ScanBlocks!

Updates To Lisk’s Development Roadmap

This week, LiskHQ updated their development roadmap something which for some came as somewhat of a suprise.

Luckily, LiskHQ was quick to explain the reasoning behind these changes in a Reddit post and earlier Tweets by Lisk’s ceo and president Max Kordek.

As it stands 2.0 will still be the first released version of the Lisk SDK (Software Development Kit). Lisk Core is being generated by it for the first time with the same version number 2.0. Later the version numbers of SDK and Core will deviate.

In version 2.1 the Lisk SDK becomes interesting. Here LiskHQ will be adding custom transaction support and you will be able to customise your Blockchain built with the Lisk SDK. This marks the official launch of the Alpha SDK.

And version 2.3 will be a general minor release to the Lisk SDK which reduces the technical debt within the chain module.

So even though the representation of the roadmap on the website might show something different we will officially be in the Alpha SDK phase with the conclusion of Lisk SDK 2.1.

If you have any questions about this update then make sure to read the Reddit post or you can always ask around on the