The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 54

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The Monthly Elite Group Report

Yesterday, the Elite Group released their monthly Report in which we can read about the work and promotion Elite did to expand the Lisk ecosystem.

In the blog we can read about the EliteCenter Xiamen which was visited by Blockchain enthusiast Mr Su. He is currently working on the development of Blockchain mini-games and discussed the development of these with Leah.

The Center also took part in the “Global Financial Technology Innovation Summit” which discussed technology and industry hot topics as well as exploring and leading the development of the Hainan new economy.

Leah also met with Shengli Lou, CEO of the Blockchain project weatbook, and Jiabo Bai, founder of Goose Q to talk about them building future side chains on Lisk.

There was also news from the EliteCenter Tokyo which officially signed a contract with Sapporo Beer. Their new beer will be promoted during upcoming events at the EliteCenter.

Elite also welcomed Planetway who will be holding regular meetings at the EliteCenter Tokyo.

For more information on the work of the Elite Group make sure to read their blogpost!

Lisk Updates It’s LIP Guidelines

Last Monday, LiskHQ updated some of the guidelines for submitting a LIP (Lisk Improvement Proposals).

LIP’s are intended to be the primary mechanism to for proposing protocol changes for the Lisk Network. They gather the community’s input as well as document the decisions made from beginning to the end.

The main updates presented last Monday are as followed :

The guidelines for reaching the status “Proposed” and for proposing a change to the network are less strict.

A LIP reaches the status “final” if it is implemented on the chain that is decided to be the Lisk Blockchain by the Lisk Foundation.

And the decision criteria of the Lisk Foundation are made more precise. Decisions with regard to instructing a third-party to implement a LIP are based on technical and scientific arguments, feasibility and the objectives of the Lisk Foundation. Decisions with regard to accepting changes/forks are based on several factors, including the acceptance of nodes, delegates and exchanges.

For a full read or update on the Lisk Improvement Proposals you can always check out LiskHQ’s GitHub!

Blockchain Day At The EliteCenter

On June 15th, the EliteCenter Xiamen hosted the Blockchain day in collaboration with China’s Blockchain media platform First.Vip and Lisk.

The Blockchain day started of with a welcome by Lucia from the EliteCenter. She was followed up by Steward who gave a presentation on : “The sword of Dalmos hanging above the mining industry! Is anti-ASIC just a castle in the air?”. He talked about the he pros and cons of anti-ASIC after which attendees could ask questions and give their opinion about the topic.

There then was a presentation by on First.Vip by its head of the operations Connie. First.Vip is a professional investment information platform which provides investors with a convenient channel to get project information.

Last but not least Leah and Aslan from the EliteCenter introduced Lisk to the attendees and gave an update on the upcoming Alpha SDK.

The EliteCenter plans to host a Blockchain day at least once a month and get different speakers and attendees to learn about Blockchain and Lisk!

The WeAreDevelopers Recap

This week, LiskHQ released a recap of their visit to the WeAreDevelopers which is one of the biggest developer events in the world.

WeAreDevelopers attracted some of the biggest tech pioneers who exchanged knowledge with the over 10.000 attending developers. During the 2 day event there were tech sessions, workshops and over 200 different speakers gave keynote presentations.

In the blog you can read all about the live demo of the upcoming Lisk’s Alpha SDK. The demo by head of development, Maciej Baj included details on setup, customizing Blockchain parameters, and registering custom transactions.

It also contains the panel discussion on Blockchain use cases where Lisk’s ceo and co-founder Max Kordek took part together with BitPanda’s CEO and the head of innovations for T-Labs.

And last but not least it features Andreas M. Antonopoulos Q&A take on quantum computing as a threat to encryption.

So if you want some more information on the Lisk SDK then make sure to read this blog post!