The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 55

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The Monthly Lisk Recap

Yesterday, Marketing Lead Lindsay Buescher released a bullet-pointed overview of Lisk’s progress for the month of June.

In the recap you can read about the recent SDK & network development updates, wallet updates, Lisk Builders and Lisk Research. It also features the Lisk Foundation, important marketing updates and the latest Lisk community activities.

So if you didn’t have the time to keep up with all that’s been happening in June then make sure to check out this post!

LiskHQ Transfers Its Bitcoin Cash and SV Holdings

This week, LiskHQ announced that the Lisk Foundation moved its Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV holdings to Bitcoin Suisse AG.

Before this announcement the Lisk Foundation held 8,489 Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin SV which have a approximated value of around 5.2 million USD at the time of writing. Later LiskHQ also announced that starting in August they will be releasing financial reports.

Some community members have asked for these for a while and its good to see LiskHQ picking up on this!

Lisk’s Development Update

Last Thursday, LiskHQ released their monthly development update where you can read all about the progress Lisk made on their various products.

This time the update features the Lisk SDK, Lisk Builders, UI and much more. As always the blog starts of with the SDK (Software Development Kit). This saw the first release candidate of Lisk Core 2.0.0 on Testnet, and the second being in development after bugs were spotted.

The development team also managed to get both and into their QA (Quality Assurance) phases.

In the Lisk Builders part of the blog we can read all about the community contributions to the Lisk ecosystem. This month it features : Endro’s new contributions to , Lemii’s work on ScanBlocks, the by Moosty and much more.

Last but not least in the UI part we can read about the new release of the Lisk Hub wallet which includes BTC support and completed the wallet’s recent redesign efforts.

So if you want to stay up to date on all that LiskHQ has been working on then make sure to read this development update!

The Delegate Campaign Service

On Friday, the 28th delegate Endro released a new feature on Lisk Discovery called : the delegate campaign service.

On Lisk Discovery you can discover and collaborate on open endeavours within the Lisk community. You can find information on the Lisk network, forging, wallets, voting, analytics and side chain projects.

On the new Lisk delegate campaign service you can see all the past and present contributions that delegates bring to Lisk’s ecosystem. Currently TonyT908 is the most active delegate on the service with 13 different projects and 9 contributions.

So far 8 delegates submitted their contributions onto Lisk Discovery with hopefully more to follow soon!

Lisk Core 2.0 Is Live On Testnet

On Monday, the 24th of June LiskHQ announced the the first release candidate of Lisk Core 2.0 onto Testnet.

At Testnet Block height 8,624,442 a soft fork activated Lisk Core 2.0 which is built with the Alpha version of our Lisk SDK 2.0. Since then Lisk Core has been in its QA process after which it will be released onto Lisk’s Mainnet, marking a huge milestone for Lisk and its community.

So far some bugs have been found and work on the second release candidate has started!