The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 56

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A LML Promotion On EliteX

Tomorrow, the EliteX exchange will list LML (Lisk Machine Learning) and is hosting a promotion in which you can get some of the 50.000 free LML tokens.

Lisk Machine Learning, is the next generation of a proven machine learning predictive platform for the Blockchain. LML identifies repeatable patterns, and uses learning components that constantly adapt to our ever-changing behaviour. LML will predict a subject’s behaviour so that contextually relevant messages can be delivered that drive desired actions.

It will be responding to millions of independent variable features while using hundreds of machine learning algorithms in parallel, in order to predict defined business values. And all this will be coming in a Javascript-based Lisk side chain.

The LML token will be listed on EliteX in the following pairs : LML/BTC and LML/LSK.

There are a couple of different ways in which you can take part in the promotion. The first is by registering as a new user and doing the KYC (Know Your Customer) compliance. This will be rewarded with 200 LML tokens to each new user.

The second option is the referral bonus in which each of your friends that register on the EliteX exchange will earn you an additional 200 LML tokens per new user.

The last part of the promotion is getting in the top 50 of users in trading volume on the EliteX exchange. This will reward you with a total of 600 LML tokens per user.

So if you want to earn some free LML tokens then make sure to check out the promotion!

Lisk’s Development Continues

Last Monday, LiskHQ hit a new milestone with the Lisk SDK repository on GitHub hitting more than 20.000 commits.

In the SDK repository we can see that Lisk Core version 2.0.0 development has no open issues and is now out on Testnet. We can also see that versions 2.1.0, 2.2.0, 2.3.0 are basically done and version 3.0.0 is well underway.

For more information on Lisk’s development make sure to take a look on GitHub or you can wait for the next development update blog!

LiskHQ Transfers Its Bitcoin Forks

A couple weeks ago, the Lisk Foundation announced it moved its Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV holdings to Bitcoin Suisse AG.

In the weeks that followed the Lisk Foundation also transferred the remaining Bitcoin forks (Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Diamond) to Bitcoin Suisse AG. With the move the assets are easily accessible to the Lisk Foundation and will be liquidated over time.

LiskHQ also announced the release of financial reports by the Lisk Foundation starting in August!

The Lisk Center Utrecht Blockchain Meetup

Next Wednesday, the Lisk Center Utrecht will host a meetup which will be attended by LiskHQ and members of Madana, GNY, EliteX, IoTeX and Moosty.

The meetup will start up with an introduction to long-awaited Alpha SDK (Software Development Kit) by Rachel Black. Followed up by presentations of Hedy Bi and Haidong Liu of EliteX.

After a small break Lisk’s President Max Kordek will take the stage to say a few words. He is followed up by Richard Jarritt and John Muck who will give an presentation of GNY. The last two presentations of the evening will be held by Larry Pang of IoTeX and Eugen Salkutzan of Madana.

After the presentations there are free drinks and there is room to network and meet the teams behind the projects.

If you would like to attend the meetup then make sure to RSVP and claim your spot.

The Lisk Visual ID Update

Last week, LiskHQ’s head of design Julian Alterini gave the community a tease of the new developer-centered visual ID.

As some of you might already know, LiskHQ will be updating their website with the release of the SDK Alpha. This will also include updating Lisk’s brand language throughout the range of products. These re-designs positions developers at the centre of everything and give community members access to creative assets via various brand packs and templates.

So if you havent checked out Lisk’s new visual ID then make sure you do!