The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 57

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Lisk Partners With Messari

During the Lisk meetup in Utrecht, Max Kordek announced that LiskHQ has partnered up with Messari.

Currently the Blockchain space is full of misinformation such as false news, incorrect token supply’s, fake trading volume and wrong pricing. Messari is an open-source data library which wants to change this by bringing transparency to the industry. 

On their website you can find information on a projects background, metrics such as market information and historical ROI (return on investment). It also shows the markets on which a token is traded and markets which are not included in the VWAP calculations.

Last but not least Messari has a overview page which show you the latest news, market cap, volume and a snapshot of the total supply.

So the next time you are looking for info on Lisk or some of your other favorite other projects then make sure to use Messari!

Lisk’s Monthly Development Update

Last Thursday, LiskHQ released their monthly development update where you can read all about the progress Lisk made on their various products.

This time the blog features the Lisk SDK, Lisk’s Network, Lisk Builders, UI and more. On July 24, the Lisk SDK 2.1.0 was released on which you can read more in the Alpha SDK blog post. Yesterday, LiskHQ released the SDK Lisk SDK 2.2.0 which main focus was technical debt reduction, benefitting experienced developers who want to modify the Lisk SDK themselves.

In the network update, we can read that on August 23rd a soft-fork will automatically trigger at Block height 10.000.000 to move to Lisk Core 2.0.0. So if you are running a Lisk mainnet node, make sure you have upgraded ahead of this time.

Lisk Builders this month features Moosty who announced they are going to create a concept for a real delegate marketplace for Lisk and its future side chains. Another Lisk Builder, delegate Carbonara created this handy countdown tool for the upcoming soft-fork. Last but not least the Lisk Center Utrecht is currently running a crowdfunding campaign, to continue their work and future plans in 2020.

Thanks to the generosity of LiskHQ and the community, the Lisk Utrecht Center this week managed to reach their first donation goal of 5000 LSK tokens.

For more information on Lisk and its development progress make sure you read the entire blog post!

The GDT Group Welcomes Endro

Last week, GDT (Global Delegate Team) announced they would be adding Endro as their newest member.

As we all know Endro has been actively building on Lisk Discovery, various tools and helping many on the different Lisk channels. GDT always promised to keep their total delegate count at 33, which is why voting for Philhellmuth is no longer required.

Starting August 20th, voters will be required to replace Philhellmuth for Endro to uphold their Gold level status and claim the maximum rewards. As always all the existing Gold level voters are eligible for a refund of 1 LSK when they have updated their votes.

On behalf of LiskUSA I would like to congratulate Endro on joining GDT and hopefully we see many more of your tools and projects in the future!

The Lisk Center Utrecht Meetup

On Wednesday the 24th of June, the Dutch Lisk community came together during the Lisk Center Utrecht Meetup.

The meetup started of with the attendees getting an demonstration of Lisk’s newly released Alpha SDK (Software Development Kit) by Rachel Black. She was followed up by Hedy Bi and Haidong Liu of EliteX. They gave presentations  on the EliteX exchange and their upcoming DEX (Decentralized exchange) and held a Q&A to answer the community’s questions.

After a short break Lisk CEO and president Max Kordek took the stage and shared a few words on Lisk and the latest progress.

It was then time for community member John Muck to take the stage. He gave an presentation on GNY which included a demonstration by Richard Jarritt on their machine learning. The last two presentations of the evening were held by Larry Pang of IoTeX and Eugen Salkutzan of Madana.

With 75 attendees this meetup can be counted as a huge success and a nice way to celebrate the release of Lisk’s Alpha SDK!

Lisk Moves To Discord

This week, LiskHQ and their community moved to Discord which from now on will function as the primary chat channel.

Lisk’s old channel the will go offline next week so if you havent joined the Discord channel then make sure you do. So far over 1700 community members have registered and a lot of new names popped up to have a chat.

So if you want to stay up to date on Lisk and its progress then make sure to join the Discord!