The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 6

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As the summer is getting closer the news also keeps getting hotter with this week a new LSK/USD listing, a recap of JSCONF EU 2018, an airdrop for Lisk holders and updates on Lisk Core 1.0.0. You can read all about these stories and much more in this week’s The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 6

A New LSK/USD Listing

A couple of days ago announced they where adding a LSK to USD trading pair to their exchange. COSS (Crypto One-Stop Solution) is a one-stop shop for all things crypto such as an e-wallet which supports a broad variety of tokens, a platform for ICO launches and promotional trading campaigns, a fiat gateway, a market cap widget, and more. With the adding of the USD pairing you can now start trading the Lisk token on COSS in three different pairs : LSK/BTC, LSK/ETH and LSK/USD.

This is once again great news for Lisk and its community and a nice follow-up on last weeks listing on OKex!

LiskHQ Survey

One of the ways in which LiskHQ always tries to improve their products user experience is by asking the community for feedback. This is why LiskHQ has released two community surveys on the Lisk Hub and Lisk Mobile. The two short surveys both consist out of 5 questions which allow Lisk users to share their thoughts on the current vision, what they like and dislike at the moment and which features they would like to see implemented in the future.

So if you havent filled in the surveys then make sure you do to help LiskHQ improve its user experience and help shape the future of Lisk!

Lisk Announces New User Interfaces And Lisk Mobile

Last Thusday LiskHQ released a blog post in which CEO and Co-founder Max Kordek announced the beginning of a new user interfaces journey at Lisk. To focus more clearly on departments that require their expertise him and Oliver Beddows decided to divide their areas of responsibility over the team. As of this week Max is overseeing all user interfaces created by LiskHQ to make Lisk the most user-friendly and accessible Blockchain platform out there. Where as Oliver will be focussing on all the LiskHQ engineering aspects of the Lisk ecosystem.

To create even better user interfaces LiskHQ announced that they have now teamed up with Netguru. This Polish award-winning company builds software that lets people do things differently making it a perfect match for Blockchain and Lisk. Together with Taikonauten they will be pushing the boundaries to give the Lisk community the best user experience in the Blockchain space.

In the blog post Max also announced the start of a new product called Lisk Mobile which will be a mobile version of the Lisk app for IOS and Android. To realize these changes and get the results LiskHQ wants they decided to divide the front end development team into two specialized teams. As of now Vit Stanislav will continue to lead the development of the Lisk Hub where Ali Haghighatkhah with his experience in mobile development will be in charge of Lisk Mobile.

The vision for Lisk Mobile will be : “An intuitive and easy-to-use app for the mainstream, offering a limited feature-set with a special focus on user experience.” where as the vision for Lisk Desktop has been to be a : “A powerful and information-rich app for professionals offering a wide range of features for different audiences.”

At the moment LiskHQ is to performing an in-depth analysis on competitors and collecting all kind of ideas internally and asking the community which features they find the most important. These results will lay the foundation of Lisk’s user interfaces roadmap which will be released without set in stone timelines.

This blog post once again shows Lisk’s ambition to not just be a Blockchain project but to become a mainstream company with real world use cases and the best user experience possible. More updates on new user interfaces and Lisk Mobile will follow in future blog posts!

LiskHQ Recaps The JSCONF EU 2018

This Monday LiskHQ released a new blog post where they recap the JSConf EU 2018 which they attended. This major JavaScript conference was a two-day event in Berlin which attracted hundreds of JavaScript community members from all over Europe. As Lisk was one of the sponsors of the event LiskHQ had managed to get a big booth out of which 6 of its team members promoted Lisk, explained Blockchain technology and answered visitors questions.

Another reason for Lisk to attended the conference was to look for new development talent to join the team. And being that it was such a big event full of JavaScript enthusiasts there where many people interested in applying to work at Lightcurve for Lisk. At the moment LiskHQ is actively hiring : Backend Developers, a Backend QA Engineer, a DevOps Engineer and Cryptographers to expand the team.

If you want to learn more about all the interesting presentations during the conference and experiences of the Lisk team members then make sure to read the blog post!

The New Lisker Webapp

A couple of days ago Lisk community member Waltex announced the release of Lisker, which is a web app to quickly check your Lisk holdings. With Lisker you can currently check your Lisk balance, the pending voting rewards (thanks to the team for providing the API) and get an estimate of your monthly voting rewards income. Lisker also easily lets you copy a Lisk address and can give out the QR-Code for the selected address.

Waltex has more features planned for future versions of Lisker such as a new logo, showing balances in fiat & other cryptocurrencies, pending balance percentages per delegate and certain improvements for the user interface.

So make sure to check out Lisker if you want a quick way to see all that’s happening on your account!

A OPTI Airdrop For Lisk Holders

On June the 25th Optitoken (OPTI) is offering an airdrop for all the people who are holding LSK tokens. Optitoken is a project which aims to create profits from ongoing trades and infuse it into the OPTI market to provide constant sporadic upward price pressure. The bought up tokens are then burned by sending them to a unspendable address which will also create ever-growing scarcity in the token supply and by doing so increasing its value.

This airdrop will offer each Lisk community member the chance to claim 30 OPTI tokens. The top 500 Lisk accounts get a special offer where they will receive 1 OPTI for every 300 LSK in their account at the time of the airdrop.

To take part in this special airdrop all you have to do is sign up and provide accurate and truthful information. After this you have to prove your ownership of the wallet, by signing a message using your private key. As most community members already know this can be done with Lisk Hub and Lisk Nano wallet.

A Developement Update On Lisk Core 1.0.0

Last week LiskHQ released another development update, where they discuss the Lisk Core 1.0.0 Betanet testing progress. As of last Thursday there where 6 remaining issues which needed to be addressed. Out of these 6 issues number #2080 proofed to be the most challenging to solve as the team needed to find an efficient way to decrease the number of missed or deleted blocks. This issue needed to be resolved before Lisk Core 1.0 could move to the Test and Mainnet as it could lead to potential scalability issues and these would become more visible as the network continues to grow.

The good news is that by now this issue as well as the others have been solved and as of last Tuesday Lisk Core 1.0.0 Beta 8 was at 98% completion. This of course does not mean that new issues can’t appear in the further Beta testing which can have an impact on the timeframes LiskHQ has set. But the preparations for transitioning to Core 1.0.0 Testnet have already begun with the planning of large-scale code quality and migration tests.

Lisk Core 1.0 is almost reaching 8.000 commits now making it the biggest development and release to date and marking a real Lisk milestone. LiskHQ already announced that when the time comes they will be releasing a video by motion designer Julian which will include the unpacking of all elements of Core 1.0.0 and what it means for the future of the Lisk network.

If you are interested in following the Lisk Core 1.0 testing progress then you can always do so by checking out the Lisk Core GitHub repository!

The Lisk Miami Meetup

Last week the third edition of the Lisk Miami Blockchain meetup took place Workshops 360. The meetup attracted 52 attendees which included many regulars, as well as some new faces and after some casual networking the meetup got started. The topic of the event was the Political Theory of Blockchain which started with a presentation by LiskUSA’s new political consultant. During his presentation he used ideas and concepts from traditional schools of thought and incorporating them with Blockchain technology. After the presentation there was a Q&A as the topic led to some interesting questions and idea’s on how individual Blockchain projects compare to old world governmental systems.

This was followed up by an update on Lisk and attendees getting the chance to ask questions about Lisk and how a lot of the concepts tie into the topic of the meetup. An example of this is how DPoS (Delegated Proof-of-Stake) introduced representative democracy to the Blockchain space. Eventually the meetup got taken to a high technical level with a lot of specific questions and topics coming from very talented Blockchain developers.

As always LiskUSA had also brought some cool merchandise for the attendees such as custom-made Lisk hats and sunglasses which are of course perfect for the sunny Miami weather. 

This Wednesday we released a full report on the meetup which gives a more in dept look into the presentations and discussions during this third edition. We hope you enjoy the read and please let us know what you think in the comments below!