The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 7

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Once again The State of Lisk Report is bringing you all the latest Lisk news this week it features the Lisk Hub 0.9.0, Tech Open Air 2018, Lisk meetups, a development update and much more. You can read all about these stories in this week’s The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 7

The Lisk Hub Version 0.9.0

Yesterday LiskHQ released a new version of their desktop walled called the Lisk Hub together with a blog post where they explain the new features. The first newly added feature in version 0.9.0 is the “account info” tab on the account page. This tab lists all the delegates that an account voted for and where in earlier versions you could only view votes and voters from delegate accounts it’s now possible for Lisk Hub users to easily view votes made by any account they wish to see.

LiskHQ also made some improvements to the UI (User Interface) as they updated the main menu icons to take less space and removed the “more” option in the sidebar. The new version also has several UX (user experience) improvements such as the removing of the “+” or “-” in front of a transaction which some users found confusing. The team also updated the transaction detail in the wallet section which now behaves as a separate page. By doing this you can now preview a transaction’s details in the wallet and by clicking the wallet menu item, it goes back to the default view where you see all your transactions.

Version 0.9.0 also has some other UI and UX tweaks such as setting and locking your preference for the EUR/USD switcher and the adding of icons to the vote launch protocol. This makes  it much quicker and easier to spot the delegates to be voted or unvoted.

For more on all the new features and updates of version 0.9.0 make sure to read LiskHQ’s blog post!

LiskHQ Attends Tech Open Air 2018

This Wednesday and Thursday LiskHQ attended Tech Open Air (TOA) 2018 in Berlin, which is Europe’s leading technology festival. The conference brought together 150+ thought-leaders from tech, art, and science who spoke on the future of technology and its impact on business and life. During the event there where over a 120+ different satellite events and in earlier years the conference attracted well over 20.000 attendees.

At the conference Lisk’s marketing manager Thomas Schouten gave a presentation on the Innovation stage during which he explained Lisk and the potential of Blockchain technology to a large group of interested attendees.

Thomas was not alone as other LiskHQ members were located at booth A19 from which they shared their passion for Lisk and looked for new hires to join LightCurve. The team also brought a wide a range of merchandise for the attendees such as T-shirts, stickers and they even hosted a Lisk quiz. The contestants of the quiz had to answer 20 questions, if they managed to get over 15 points they would win a Lisk paper wallet with up to 10 LSK tokens on it.

More information will most likely follow soon in a blog post on the event!

Coinpost Visits The LightCurve Office

This week, Japanese cryptocurrency & Blockchain media platform Coinpost released a video of their recent visit to the LightCurve offices and the interview they had with Lisk’s Co-founder Max Kordek. The video starts off with Max giving Coinpost a tour of the office, during it he explains the different development and marketing teams and where they are currently stationed.

Then the interview starts in which they talk about many different subjects such as Berlin being the startup hotspot of Europe, the relaunch event and the overwhelming feedback and the Lisk Tokyo meetup which was held a couple of months ago.

They also discuss Lisk’s current product focus, some changes being made in the ever-growing team, if LiskHQ plans to return to Japan and of course Lisk’s development. Max explains that the release of Core 1.0 and improving the Lisk Hub are some of the main focusses but that it’s also important to keep improving the overall user experience. He also mentions they are working on a new development roadmap and that LiskHQ is hearing the community and assures them that those concerns will be taken care off.

It was very nice to see another office tour as we don’t often get to see a “behind the scenes” look at LightCurve, the interview itself seemed very relaxed and open so I would definitely recommend watching it!

The Future in Focus

Last monday, LiskHQ released a new blog post in the series : The Future in Focus. In it LiskHQ interviews the founders/developers of future Lisk side chain projects and this time Jennifer Tekneci sat down with delegate Hirish the co-founder of Sapiens. The founders of the project want to create a platform to help schools, universities and companies, to share their resources and services with a decentralized, cost-effective and secure solution. The platform will also allow users ownership and full control over their certificates and records in a format that enables easy sharing.

During the interview they talk about the history of the Sapiens project as well as Hirish his background history in Blockchain technology. He explains the problems the academic and certification system market are currently facing and how Sapiens will try to solve these. They also talk about the Sapiens Token (XSP) which will be used to reward community members and developers for every contribution. This strategy will help attract new developers and their contributions will bring value to the project as well the Sapiens Token.

Jennifer rounds up the interview by asking Hirish some last interesting questions such as where he sees the Sapiens Project in five years and how he anticipates Blockchain technology will change the world.

Once again the blog post series provided a cool look into the future and the potential of the Lisk platform and the endless possibilities for future side chain projects. So make sure to read the blog post if you havent had the chance to do so by now!

Lisk Is Coming To Poland

This week LiskHQ announced that next month they will be hosting three Lisk meetups in Poland. The meetups will start on the June the 3rd in Kraków followed by a meetup in Wrocław the day after and rounding up in Poland’s capital of Warsaw on the 5th. During these meetups LiskHQ will provide the Polish community with the latest Lisk news and updates and probably some cool Lisk merchandise. If you would like to attend one of these meetups then I would suggest to RSVP quickly as Lisk is very popular in Poland and tickets will soon run out!

The Lisk Amsterdam Blockchain Meetup

Next Tuesday, LiskHQ will bring the Dutch Lisk community together at the Lisk Amsterdam meetup. During this meetup LiskHQ will be represented by Thomas Schouten, Lindsay Buescher and Mat Piaggi who will be updating the community on all the latest Lisk news. There will be a keynote presentation by Lisk’s marketing manager Thomas Schouten on all that’s been happening in and around Lisk in the last few months. After the keynote there will by an open Q&A during which the community can ask all their questions on development, marketing and other things Lisk related.

If you are interested in attending the meetup then there are still plenty of open spots but do make sure to RSVP on the meetup page!

A Lisk Core Development Update

This week, LiskHQ released a blog post in which they discuss the progress being made on the Lisk Core 1.0.0 Betanet testing. As of last week the Lisk Core team completed all remaining issues on beta.8 which where #2080, #2046, #1956, #1988 and #2010. Before LiskHQ could release beta.9 they had to refactor the entire snapshotting logic to solve 6 issues which all were related to snapshot creation together with corresponding tests. This eventualy resulted in the solving of issues #1949, #1927, #1869, #1868 and #1933 #1963 and by doing so enabling valid snapshots to be taken on the Betanet.

The next step will be to release Beta.9 this Friday at 10:00 CET and having a last Q&A round where the team will focus on several items. These items will be the 0.9.16 to Core 1.0.0 Mainnet and Testnet data migration together with synchronization and snapshot creation. The Core 0.9.16 to 1.0.0 network migration as well as a large public Betanet testing with 500 nodes to test the networks scalability and the testing of every feature that 1.0.0 introduces.

This Q&A process will most likely be finished at the end of next week after which LiskHQ will announce the expected date for Lisk Core 1.0 to go live on the Testnet.

It is good to see LiskHQ hearing the community who have asked for more regular development updates and providing them in this way. I think that I can speak for the community if I say that I hope they keep these weekly updates coming!