The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 9

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This week, we once again have a report full of exciting Lisk news. Among the latest is the release of Lisk Core 1.0 on the testnet, Lisk’s montly vlog, a Recap Of Tech Open Air 2018 and much more! You can read all about these in this week’s The State of Lisk Report – Ep. 9

LiskHQ Visits Poland

This week LiskHQ team members Jacob Kowalewski, Michał Tomasik and Michael Borowiec are visiting Poland for three Lisk meetups. This Tuesday the first meetup took place in Kraków which was attended by a large number of Lisk community members.

The next day the second meetup took place in Wrocław where the team also gave several keynote presentations. Thursday the team is rounding of the tour with the last stop in Warszawa after which they will be heading back to Berlin.

LiskHQ Moves To a New Office

This Monday LiskHQ made the move to their new office. The location is the largest WeWork office in Germany with space for over a 160 people giving it plenty of room for the Lisk team to grow. On the request of the community Jan Liz-Fonts made a short video in which he gives us a tour of the new office and in which he explains where the different teams will be working.

The Lisk Community Update

Even though the team was moving on Monday they did find time to release the Lisk community update for June. In it we get a company update which includes Trezor hardware wallets now support Lisk’s utility token, Lisk being listed on OKEX and the Lisk Academy has partnering up with London Blockchain Labs.

In the development update we can read about the temporary halt the Lisk network experienced earlier this month. We can also read about the new user interface journey, and all releases such as and the many development update blog posts.

The marketing update consists of all the events LiskHQ attended as well as the 107 media mentions and 22 media placements Lisk had in June. At the bottom of the update you can find links some of the links to the interviews which were held this month.

The community update writes about the new milestone Lisk had on Reddit where their subreddit hit 30.000 subscribers. We can also read about the amazing work by community member all around the world who once again hosted many events.

The blog post rounds up with some of the next steps such as the release of Lisk Core 1.0 onto the Mainnet and the hiring of more people to join LightCurve.

Blockchain For Kids

This week LiskHQ released a new video with the title : Blockchain for kids. In the video and on the new website page Blockchain is explained in its simplest form like if you where to explain it to a 5-year-old. In the video we see Jacob who is asking Santa for a blue cat for Christmas. But seeing as Jacob is not old enough he has to rely on his father (the middleman) to get his letter to the northpole. His father changes the message which results in Jacob not getting his blue cat but a pair of socks.

The next year Jacob is smart enough to use the north pole Blockchain to upload his wish. Once again his father tries to change the gift but this time the message is checked by all the elfs running the network and they see Jacob is asking for a blue cat instead of socks. This results in his fathers changed message being seen as false and Jacob ending up getting his wish of owning a blue cat.

This example of how Blockchain works is a great and simple way of getting new people up to speed on the process and the benefits of the technology. So if you are relatively new to Blockchain or Lisk then make sure you watch Blockchain for kids!

The Monthly Lisk Vlog

As June had come to an end it was time for the monthly Lisk Vlog. As always we get a recap by Lisk community managers Mat Piagi and Jan Liz-Fontz on all that has happened in the past month. In the marketing update we get information on the teams visit to Tech Open Air in Berlin. We also get an update on the new  content on the Lisk website and LiskHQ visit to Amsterdam.

The development update is of course about the release of Lisk Core 1.o on the Testnet as well as the former Betanet releases. We also get information on Lisk Elements and the improvements on the signed message feature. The video continues with an update on the Lisk Hub and the newly announced Lisk Mobile.

In the company update we get introduced to three of LightCurves latest hires which are cryptographer Jan Hackfeld, video editor Valeria Ippolito and financial analyst Burak Dogan.

This Tuesday LiskHQ also announced the hiring of 8 more employees. Out of the 8, one is a marketing hire the other positions are Cryptographer, Front-End QA Developer, Back-End Developer, Business Development, Office Manager, Event Manager and UI/UX Designer.

The Vlog rounds off with a shout out to some of the community members who did great work this month and an overview of whats to come this month. So make sure you don’t forget to watch the Lisk Vlog for you monthly recap!

The Lisk Amsterdam Meetup Aftermovie

On June the 26th LiskHQ hosted its very first Lisk Amsterdam meetup. The meetup took place at the the Tobacco theater in the heart of Amsterdam and attracted around 50 Lisk enthusiasts from all over the country. During the event there where several presentations and a Q&A was hosted where the Dutch community got the chance to ask the team members all their questions.

Two after the event LiskHQ released the Lisk Amsterdam meetup aftermovie. The recap gives a very nice impression of the event and the involvement of the Dutch community. So if you havent seen it yet make sure you check it out!

Release Of The Lisk Explorer 1.7.0

This week Lisk released a new version of the Lisk Explorer. This is a tool that visualizes the vast information from Lisk’s Blockchain. On the Lisk Explorer you can gather information about particular blocks and transactions, but also general information about the network, its delegates status and your own personal Lisk address.

In version 1.7.0 LiskHQ added a number of new currency options which are updated in real-time. With this release you are now able to see any Lisk transaction or balance in the following currency’s : Lisk (LSK), Bitcoin (BTC), US Dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), British Pound (GBP), Russian Ruble (RUB), Polish Zloty (PLN), Chinese Yuan (CNY), and Japanese Yen (JPY).

Lisk Core 1.0 Hits The Testnet

Last Friday, at block height 5,594,490 LiskHQ successfully migrated Lisk Core 1.0 onto the Testnet. This release marks a major milestone in the development of the Lisk network and puts us one step closer to the release of Lisk Core 1.0 onto the Mainnet.

As most of you know, Lisk Core 1.0 will be Lisk’s biggest single release to date with over 4,560 commits and 500+ code changes/enhancements in one single deployment. To underline the importance of Lisk Core and the release of Lisk Core 1.0 to the Mainnet even more clear LiskHQ will be releasing a video on their YouTube channel in which they explain all the details.

This Tuesday, Lisk Community Manager Jan Liz-Fonts updated the community on the overall status of Core 1.0 Testnet. He writes about his conversation with the Backend developers and that everything is looking great. The network at this time is more than stable and has been since the migration phase settled. A total of a 100 delegates have migrated to Core 1.0 which means the migration worked out great. He also announced that we can expect a more detailed update on the Testnet in this weeks development update blog post.

For more information this release make sure to read the Lisk Core 1.0 Testnet release blog post!

A Recap Of Tech Open Air 2018

Last Wednesday, LiskHQ released a recap blog post of their Tech Open Air (TOA) experience. This Berlin hosted event is one of Europe’s largest technology conferences and attracted over 20.000 attendees in 3 days. This year the conference a major focus on Blockchain making it a great place for the team to promote Lisk.

At the event LiskHQ had not one but two large booths, one located inside and the other outside. At the inside booth team members shared Lisk’s story with the attendees who had many questions about Lisk both general as well as technical . They also handed out cool Lisk merchandise and even hosted a Blockchain quiz where attendees had the chance to win up to 10 LSK.

The outside booth had a stronger focus on scouting for potential talent to join the LightCurve team. There the team received many applications from enthusiastic candidates some of which we will hopefully see joining the team soon!

Lisk was also represented at the Innovation Stage, here Lisk Marketing Manager Thomas Schouten gave a presentation on Lisk’s ecosystem, vision and strategy. The team also got a lot of media attention during the event and several team members were interviewed both during and after the conference.

For more information on the event and the presentations LiskHQ attended make sure to read the TOA recap blog post!